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Pepperdine University

International Student Advisory Council

Director of OISS, Brooke Cutler

The International Student Advisory Council (ISAC) is a team of individuals throughout all campuses and offices committed to enhancing the international student experience and helping with students' transition to the United States. Our students are strengthened for lives of purpose, service, and leadership, and we hope you will share your unique background, thoughts, and experiences by joining an ISAC Subcommittee.

If you are interested serving as a volunteer on any of the subcommittees, please email the Chair of the Council and Director of the Office of International Student Services at brooke.odonnell@pepperdine.edu.

ISAC Subcommittees


  Faculty Support and Professional Development (FSPD)

Chair: Anthony Ahn

The committee will work to identify partners in providing culturally inclusive pedagogical practices. Committee members will work to design engaging opportunities for faculty to receive on-going professional development that aims to better support and aid international students.

  International Recruitment and Admissions Subcommittee (IRAS)

Co-chairs: Randi Redman and Nicole Serleto

The committee will review existing recruitment and admissions practices and make recommendations towards the improvement of admissions efforts. The committee will focus on the following areas: prospect and contact sharing, standardization of data collection to address compliance issues, new case management software implementation, and enrollment reporting.

  International Student Academic Success (ISAS) Subcommittee

Co-chairs: Marissa Davis and Antonia Leonid

The committee will reconcile the international student's academic preparation to his/her acclimation to U.S. higher education. In particular, faculty will discuss the rigor of Pepperdine's general education requirements and varied levels of familiarity with Western civilization, U.S. history, political science, and religion. Other topics such as academic integrity, English language support, and equipping at-risk students will also be addressed.

  Student Involvement and Engagement Subcommittee (SIES)

Co-chairs: Angélique Stevens and Corrie Zachariah

The committee will work to identify best practices in engaging international students in the campus community & student life. Committee members will make programmatic recommendations to assist in fostering student involvement and design event(s) that meet this objective.

  International Student Support and Orientation (ISS&O) Subcommittee

Scot McClamma, International Recruitment Manager, Office of International Student Services, Seaver College
Genesis DeLong, Director, Student Engagement and Success, Graziadio Business School

The Student Support and Orientation Subcommittee (SS&O) will identify and suggest collaborative resources and best practices for international student onboarding and orientation across the Pepperdine schools. An ongoing committee project is the annual updating of the OISS International Student Arrival Guide, which provides international students with a comprehensive guide to acclimating to Pepperdine.


ISAC Volunteers

Pepperdine is known for our community, which comes from our Christian heritage and commitment to the highest standards of academic excellence.

ISAC Volunteers attend Subcommittee meetings are arranged by each chair on a monthly basis during the academic year. Twice a year, all of the members are gathered at the ISAC Bi-Annual Council meeting, where initiatives are shared across subcommittees, offices, and campuses.


Please find below some of the products of the collaboration of ISAC: