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New International Undergraduate Students

Welcome to the Pepperdine Family!

Congratulations on Your Admission to Seaver College

You should be very proud of being admitted to Seaver College, as we received many applications from remarkable students. This page has been created specifically to serve you not only as a resource for enrollment procedures but also as a reminder of the unique offerings Pepperdine will provide you during your college experience. Congratulations again and welcome to the Pepperdine family!

Important First Step: Use WaveNet

Until now you have been communicating with Pepperdine via your personal email. Once you become an official Pepperdine Wave by submitting the Enrollment Form and Tuition Prepayment, all communication from the University will be sent to your unique Pepperdine email address and can be accessed through the University portal known as WaveNet.

WaveNet serves as a single, unifying location for Pepperdine news and services, such as your student account, class registration, email, campus resources, etc.

Students will be provided with unique login credentials for WaveNet in an email after admission to the University. Should you misplace or have any challenges logging into WaveNet, the Pepperdine IT Service Desk has personnel on duty 24 hours a day and can be reached at 310.506.HELP (4357).


Next Steps

 Secure Your Space at Pepperdine

Confirm Your Enrollment

We are excited to welcome our admitted students to Pepperdine University!

To secure your space at Seaver College of Pepperdine University, BOTH the Enrollment Form and the $750 Tuition Prepayment (Deposit) must be received by June 15, 2024 by 11:59 PM (Pacific Time). We highly recommend enrolling earlier than the deadline, so you can get started on your visa application.

Quick Instructions: From the "Applicant Tab" in WaveNet, click on the "Applicant Services" link in the menu bar and then click on "Applicant Center." Both the "Enrollment Form" and the "Tuition Prepayment" (by eCheck) links can be found here. Questions? Please refer to the following instructions

Payment Instructions

The $750 Tuition Prepayment is non-refundable and must be submitted in full. Partial payments, bounced payments, or submitting payment with insufficient funds in your account will NOT secure your place in the class.

*Please include the student's Campus-Wide ID (CWID) number and the full name on all transactions to ensure it is posted correctly.

For detailed information about payment options and due dates, please contact Student Accounts directly at 310.506.8000 or by email at SeaverSA@pepperdine.edu.

 Obtain Your Pepperdine I-20

The Form I-20 is the document that you must present at the U.S. embassy or consulate in order to apply for your F-1 visa. Wait times to secure a visa appointment can be weeks to months, so it is important that students submit their deposit as soon as possible to allow sufficient time.

Upon deposit, students will receive an email with login instructions to the OISS portal to submit the required International Student Data form. This form requires passport and visa information, evidence of financial support, etc. 


  Evidence of Financial Support Overview


Students must demonstrate sufficient and readily available funds to meet all expenses for the first year of studies through credible documentary evidence. Adequate funds should be available for each additional year of study from the same source or from one or more other specifically identified and reliable financial sources. Programs less than one year will need the full amount. 

Designated School Officials are required to assess documentary evidence on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security and the University and therefore, reserve the right to assess whether submitted documentation is deemed credible, reliable and sufficient to issue and sign a Form I-20.

Students should utilize the OANDA currency converter before uploading documentary evidence of financial support to confirm the combined sources of funding are equal to or more than the estimated cost of attendance.  The estimated cost of attendance includes tuition, fees, living expenses, and other expenses such as books, supplies, insurance, and transportation for the first year of study.  Add an additional $1000 per month for each dependent for your first year of study.

All documentation must be in English (unofficial English translations acceptable with original document) and dated no less than 6 months. Additionally, documentation must show the account holder name, financial institution, date and account number. Local currency will be accepted, but it will be converted to USD. 

It is preferred that funds be presented in U.S. dollars. 

Unacceptable Documentation (Please note that this list is not exhaustive):

  • Documents dated more than 6 months
  • Documents not in/translated to English
  • Investments or stock portfolios, bonds, Mutual Funds etc.
  • Income Tax or Salary Statements
  • Lines of Credit from Credit Cards
  • Property deeds or rental agreements or other property documentation
  • Promissory Notes
  • Statements from Chartered accountants
  • Statements regarding non-liquid assets

Types of Acceptable Financial Documentation

Personal or Family Funding

  • Funding sources may be a combination of personal, family funds, or other approved sponsors.
  • Bank Account on Letterhead for Checking or Savings Account.
  • Bank statements and/or letters cannot be more than 6 months old and should include name of bank account holder, date of issuance, type of account (e.g. checking, savings, certificate of deposit), total available account balance held by the account holder, official bank name and address by means of a logo or a heading. 
  • Bank Statement for Checking or Savings Account (please do not include transaction history).
  • Certificate of Deposit (maturity/expiry date must be prior to start of the academic program).
  • Funds from sources outside of the United States must be assessed for restrictions on the transfer of funds from the country concerned.
  • If the bank account is in the name of a business, official documentation linking the account to the sponsor signing the Affidavit of Support is required.


Letter from Pepperdine University or another entity awarding a scholarship or fellowship with the amount and duration of the award.
Proof of an already obtained scholarship. Scholarship letter(s) from government sources or other scholarship awarding agencies, clearly indicating your name, scholarship year or dates, and covered amounts.


  • Confirmation of loan approval from an entity specifying the amount and duration of the loan is required, in addition to a signed affidavit of the account holder. A loan application itself is not sufficient. An accompanying bank statement demonstrating funds of the organization may be required.

Sponsorship by an Organization

  • Letter from sponsoring employer/government/organization (on official letterhead) referencing the student’s name, specifying the amount and duration of sponsorship, in addition to a signed affidavit and supporting company bank statements is required


 Obtain Your F-1 Visa

All persons who intend to visit the United States (US) temporarily to pursue a full course of study at an academic institution must be classified as an alien in F-1 student-visa status. The Form I-20 is the document you will present to the US Embassy or Consulate abroad when making application for a student visa, and also when making application for admission at the US port of entry.

 Course Registration & Tuition Payment

Course Registration

When do I register for courses?

Students will not need to take any action until academic orientation. Pepperdine preregisters students prior to enrollment; however, the schedule is subject to change during academic orientation.

Advanced credits by exam may not be posted on a student's Degree Audit Report (DAR) until after academic orientation. Students should notify their academic adviser of any anticipated college credit by the add/drop deadline.

How do I register?

In your academic orientation program you will learn how to register for future sessions. Students will receive a registration date and will be able to register via WaveNet.

Tuition Payment

When do I pay my tuition and other fees?

Students will not need to submit payment for tuition and fees prior to arrival as all charges may not have posted to the student account.

For detailed information about payment options and due dates, please visit Student Accounts. You may also contact Student Accounts directly at 310. 506.8000 or by email at SeaverSA@pepperdine.edu.

How do I pay?

Payment Methods Accepted:

  • Check
  • eCheck (Electronic Check-Fastest and preferred method of payment)
  • Money Order
  • Wire Transfer
  • Flywire

Please Note: We do not accept credit cards. Please also note that Checks, eChecks, and Money Orders require a US Bank and US Dollars.

For detailed information about payment options and due dates, please visit Student Accounts. You may also contact Student Accounts directly at 310. 506.8000 or by email at SeaverSA@pepperdine.edu.

 Required Orientation

Register for New Student Orientation

All new students are required to attend New Student Orientation. New Student Orientation (NSO) is a program intentionally designed for incoming students and their parents. The program will include information on academics, student activities, student services, living on campus, international programs, and much more. Please be sure to complete the online Registration.

Required International Student Orientation

All international students are required to attend the International Student Orientation. Attendance will be taken at each session during the week (refer to the NSO website for times/location). Failure to attend the International Student Orientation sessions will result in a Registration Hold placed on your account. If you miss any of the sessions or leave early, you will be required to successfully pass a make-up exam.

What documents do I need?

Within one week of your program start date, you must submit all of the documents on the Arrival Checklist in order to report your status to the US government.

Arrival Checklist

New Student Checklist

Please be sure to review the action items on the New Student Checklist carefully.

 Contact Information

Quick Contact Information