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Procedure for Undergraduate Students

  1. An undergraduate student is eligible to apply for CPT after completing two consecutive semesters of full- time study under the same SEVIS ID number.
  2. Complete the student portion of the Internship Agreement form
  3. Submit an employer offer letter to oiss@pepperdine.edu. Ask the employer to use this sample letter.
  4. Once the Seaver Dean's office* has enrolled you into the appropriate class, request a copy of the completed Internship Agreement form to be emailed to oiss@pepperdine.edu.
  5. If your CPT is authorized by your DSO and is a paid position, you will be issued an updated I-20 to provide to your employer for payroll purposes. You may pick up the I-20 5 business days after submitting the CPT form, or you may request to have it sent to you by sending us a UPS shipping label via E-ship.
  6. If your internship is a paid position and you do not already have a Social Security Number, please visit the Social Security Administration's website for instructions on how to apply for one.

(*If you are a Communication major, the Communication Division Office Manager will be the last school signature you will need, and s/he will enroll you in the appropriate class. Submit the Internship Agreement packet to oiss@pepperdine.edu after s/he enrolls you.)