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International Wire Transfer

Instructions for Undergraduate Enrollment Tuition Prepayment

Please note that it can take up to 5 business days for funds to transfer and your tuition prepayment must be received by the May 1 enrollment deadline.


  • Log onto WaveNet and click on the Make a Payment link in your "To Do List." This will bring up the CASHNet window.
  • Click on "Student Account Payment." Enter the amount to be paid (750.00) and click "Add to Current Transaction."
  • Verify the correct amount and student's name and click "Checkout."
  • Select the method of payment - International Wire Transfer.
  • Select your country and currency, enter the Remitter name (who is actually making the payment), and enter an email address for the instructions. The email address defaults to the Pepperdine email, but this can be changed to the person who is actually making the payment.
  • On the next page, review the information and click on "Submit Payment."
  • Once you click that, you will get a receipt that says "Transaction Pending" and a pop-up should come up that provides the Western Union instruction page.
  • You (or your parents) then take the Western Union instruction page to your bank (NOT a Western Union) and initiate the wire transfer through your bank. The instruction page includes all of the relevant banking information, as well as an ID number linked to you and that particular payment.
  • You will receive an official confirmation email from the Office of Admission when we have received and processed both your enrollment form and tuition prepayment. Until then, your WaveNet "To Do List" will continue to list these items as "Incomplete."
  • If your local currency is not an option through this method, then please email SeaverSA@pepperdine.edu with your full name, birthday, and CWID to request instructions for a wire transfer that can be completed directly through your bank (without using the Western Union method available in WaveNet).

Please email the Office of Admission at admission-seaver@pepperdine.edu if you have any questions.