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F Visa

Understanding the F-1 Visa

The F-1 visa is intended for non-immigrants wishing to pursue academic studies and/or language training programs for a period of time in the United States. The F-1 visa program is managed by a shared database called SEVIS. F-1 students are granted permission to remain in the United States until the completion date noted on the Form I-20 plus 60 days provided they remain enrolled full-time and meet all other terms and conditions of their F-1 status.

Students may obtain F-1 visa stamps by visiting a U.S. embassy or consulate and presenting a Form I-20 (Certificate of Eligibility for F-1 Student Status) issued by Pepperdine University. F-1 students are expected to attend the educational institution that issued the Form I-20.

Understanding the F-2 Visa

The F-2 visa status is intended for the spouse and/or children (under age 21) of an F-1 student. It may be obtained by presenting to a U.S. embassy or consulate the Form I-20 issued to each family member and proof of adequate funding for the support of the accompanying family members. Proof of marriage for spouses and birth certificates for children are also required. No paid employment is permitted for F-2 visa holders under any circumstances.

The F-2 dependents are allowed to enroll in less than full course of study even if that part-time study eventually leads to a degree or certificate. The F-2 child may only engage in full-time study if the study is in an elementary or secondary school. The F-2 spouse and child may engage in part-time study that is recreational in nature.